National and International Contracts

We work closely with our clients to analyse, draft and review their contractual documents. Our great experience in contracts, together with our considerable knowledge of the business processes involved, allows us to guarantee highly qualified professional interventions.
Moreover, we are the contact point for clients operating in an international environment thanks to our network of connections with select foreign partners – who can help out with specific aspects of local law as and when needed – and our ability to work directly and confidently in a foreign language.
By way of example, below are some of the most frequent types of contracts that receive our professional attention, split by area (expenditure, income, transport and logistics, product and process innovation, communication and promotion, business cooperation, e-business and real estate).


Purchase of plant and machinery

  • Purchase contracts (guarantees of performance efficiency; customisation; adjustments and testing)
  • Maintenance/technical assistance contracts (conditions and timing of interventions, responsibilities and liability, etc.)


Purchase of materials and components

  • Supply contracts
  • General terms and conditions of purchase


Commissioned orders

  • Customised manufacturing contracts (guarantees of conformity; confidentiality and non-competition agreements; specific rules if the material is supplied by the client; etc.)
  • Equipment agreements (ownership of dies and moulds, non-competition agreements, etc.)


Business software

  • Software licences
  • Technical assistance contracts
  • Software development/customisation (source code ownership, etc.)


Provision of services

  • Professional consultancy and assistance contracts
  • Contracts and assignments for other services




Sale of products and services / plant and machinery

  • Sales / supply contracts
  • General terms and conditions of sale
  • Procurement contracts / supply specifications



  • Exclusive distribution agreements
  • Franchising agreements
  • Selective distribution contracts


Agents and intermediaries

  • Agency agreements
  • Contracts with intermediaries

Sale to Consumers

  • Sale contracts for goods and services
  • Distance sales
  • Off-premise sales


Transport and logistics

  • Shipping contracts
  • Consignment stock agreements


Product and process innovation

  • Acquisition/transfer of technology (between companies, or between companies and research institutes)
  • Licences (patents, trademarks, know-how, etc.)
  • Research & Development contracts
  • New product design and development contracts
  • Non-disclosure and trade secret agreements


Communication, promotion, retention

  • Corporate image research and communication agreements
  • Advertising / sponsorship contracts
  • Regulations / contracts for competition/prize-based events
  • Public loyalty-building contracts/offers


Business cooperation

  • Network contracts as per Italian Law n° 33, dated 9 April 2009
  • Temporary associations of enterprises
  • Consortia (for exports, for the management of collective brands, etc.)
  • Partnership / Research and development agreements
  • Joint distribution agreements
  • Joint venture agreements


E-Business / E-Commerce

  • Web design contracts
  • B2B general terms and conditions of sale
  • B2C general terms and conditions of sale
  • Drop Shipping agreements
  • Smart contracts
  • E-business related licences and services


Real Estate

  • Agreements for the sale/purchase of properties (and any pertinent financial contracts)
  • Commercial/industrial lease agreements
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