The Firm

We are a law firm partnership, a team of professionals experienced in managing and solving the legal issues typically faced by companies, both domestically and internationally. We offer a synergistic mix of different areas of expertise, all sharing a strongly corporate approach.
The firm has two basic divisions: Business Consulting and Litigation and Arbitration.

Although based in Brescia, Italy, we can also work across the nation. Italian SMEs active on the international markets form our main clients.

Foreign companies operating in Italy often request our support as the result of our several consolidated relationships with foreign law firms and international networks.

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We feel that make use of the law courts is detrimental to business, a pathological condition to be avoided: our efforts are therefore primarily oriented towards dispute prevention and, where unavoidable, reaching out-of-court settlements. In line with this approach, more than two thirds of our professionals belong to our Business Consulting division.
However, when a disagreement becomes a dispute, the action of our Litigation and Arbitration team becomes essential and proves to be decisive.

Our strengths

We have over twenty years of experience, working with companies of all sizes (from small businesses to publicly listed companies) operating in a variety of sectors, resulting in our broad multisectorial case history.
Our considerable knowledge of business processes means we can work seamlessly alongside our clients as they go about their business. In many cases, we act as their outsourced legal department.
We are always on the ball when it comes to Compliance, helping our clients develop customised compliance and risk management systems and procedures to ensure proper observation of all the regulations that affect their activities.

Our approach is closely linked to Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility. We offer our clients effective assistance, by organising training activities or taking part in dedicated working groups, for instance.
We are dynamic and open to change, just like our client companies.

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