Outsourced legal department

As a company grows, it may begin to feel the need for an internal function responsible for some or all of the following activities:

  • the provision of legal support to various departments in order to reduce the probability of negative impacts on the business itself or its reputation;
  • the drafting, analysis and review of commercial and non-commercial contracts (issued or received), as well as legal advice during the negotiation of contractual conditions;
  • the preparation of notes or opinions adding to the set of information necessary for senior management to take fully informed decisions;
  • relations with foreign lawyers in the event of legal issues outside Italy, and the constant monitoring of proceedings;
  • legal assistance during the structuring of complex projects;
  • compliance with all the regulatory provisions affecting the client’s business (Legislative Decree 231/2001, GDPR 2016/679, safety and environmental regulations, foreign regulations with an impact on foreign subsidiaries, etc.).

It is not an easy task to create a new corporate function overnight (especially when a junior figure is entrusted with its organisation).

Our firm can respond effectively to this need with a detailed structured process, meaning the client can quickly enjoy the benefits of a fully effective legal function. This new function might be an internal resource, with suitably trained staff with our support thanks to adequate procedures; alternatively, it might take the form of an outsourced legal department (a solution that, depending on the size and needs of the company, may represent the best value for money).

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