Product Warranty and Defective Product Liability

Although the warranty covering defects in goods sold and the manufacturer’s liability for any damage caused by a defective product are two distinct legal matters, companies often address these issues jointly.

In this context, our firm offers its clients legal assistance throughout the entire life cycle of the product: from analysis of the information accompanying it to the moment it is placed on the market (including any performance guarantees offered and the specific risks related to its use), and from the drafting or revision of the wording of any contractual guarantees negotiated with the client’s customers to consultancy support in the event of disputes linked to the quality and/or safety of the goods, plus legal assistance in the event of any litigation.

Our professionals are also very experienced in preparing legal procedures in the event of a suspected epidemic defect (crisis plan), as well as in organising and managing plans for the withdrawal and/or the recall of defective products from the market, always in agreement with the client and any authorities involved.

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